Isabel Schnabel appointed as member of the German Council of Economic Experts

On 26 June 2014 Prof. Dr. Isabel Schnabel received her certificate of appointment as member of the German Council of Economic Experts ("Wirtschaftsweise") for the term till 28 February 2017 from State Secretary Dr. Rainer Sontowski, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.
The Council of Economic Experts is an academic body advising German policy makers on questions of economic policy. It was set up by law in 1963 with the objective to assess the macroeconomic development of Germany. It also aims at aiding the public and economically relevant institutions in making informed judgments about economic developments. It enjoys complete independence with respect to its advisory activities. The Council’s reports and assessments have since become an essential part of German economic policy making and have notably influenced political decisions.
The President of Johannes Gutenberg University Prof. Georg Krausch congratulated Prof. Schnabel on the nomination, which is a reward for her excellent work in the area of financial market research, especially for her contributions on the stability of financial systems and banking regulation. He also mentioned that the nomination is a sign of the continuously high achievements in economics at Mainz: It is not least a result of the focus in the area of evidence-based economic policy, as expressed in the foundation of the new Research Priority Program “Interdisciplinary PublicPolicy.” The JGU has a long tradition in economic policy consulting. Three other professors (Prof. Kurt Schmidt, Prof. Rolf Peffekoven, and recently Prof. Beatrice Weder di Mauro) were members of the German Council of Economic Experts.

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